Truth Social

The president trolled his campaign rival with a crack about Truth Social's rapidly declining value.
The company's stock value tanked 18% after it announced a plan to add more shares.
The former president name-dropped the late South African leader while taking aim at the judge in his upcoming hush money trial.
The situation raises "a substantial doubt" about whether Trump Media & Technology Group can continue as a business, an auditor said.
Trump mocked Biden for "COUGHING" during the speech, among other things.
The former president was not in a good mood despite winning the New Hampshire primary.
The former president went full Grinch in a holiday rant aimed at those "looking to destroy our once great USA."
One person said the ruling makes them "actually interested in what the orange sack of crap has to say over on Truth Social."
The former president called a court staffer a "Trump Hating Clerk," who is "politically biased and out of control."
He compared his critics to "vermin" in a speech in New Hampshire on Saturday.