Trump Has A Full-Blown All-Caps Freakout Over Nikki Haley

The former president was not in a good mood despite winning the New Hampshire primary.

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary on Tuesday night, but didn’t seem very happy about it.

He railed against former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley during his victory speech, then launched a series of all-caps attacks on his sole remaining rival on his Truth Social website:

Truth Social

The former president also called Haley an “imposter” during his victory speech and threatened to “get even.”

Trump’s references to Nevada are due to an odd quirk in the process this year: The state is holding both a caucus ― where its delegates will be awarded ― and a primary, where no delegates will be at stake.

Both events will be in February.

Truth Social

Haley is competing only in the primary, while Trump is competing only in the caucus, leading to his victory declaration.

The split contest has generated plenty of controversy, with former state party chair Amy Tarkanian last year calling it “a nightmare” and “a debacle.”

The two won’t face each other directly on the ballot again until the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24.


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