People Reveal What They Love Most About Their Bodies

‘I have a pretty nice ass.’

Focusing on the things you love about yourself instead of your hang-ups is not the easiest of things to do.

But that’s precisely what a selection of body confident Reddit users have done in an inspiring thread called: ‘What do you like most about your body?

From their unique facial features to their ‘good calves’, here’s what they said...

1. ‘My dark complexion and light eyes.’

2. ‘I can quickly gain muscle in a short span of time.’

3. ‘My beard naturally grows into the shape of designer stubble.’

4. ‘I have a world class vagina.’

5. ‘I have good calves.’

6. ‘I’m really small. I like being small.’

7. ‘I have a pretty nice ass.’

8. ‘I don’t have any back or knee problems.’

9. ‘I like that my skin’s pretty damn soft without having to moisturise.’

10. ‘[I like] My face and its range of expression.’

11. ‘I’m just happy my body works.’

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