People Think Kanye's New Yeezy Shoes Look Like Legos, Gummy Sharks And More

The rapper tweeted out teaser photos of sneakers in his upcoming Yeezy season.
Twitter / Getty

Kanye West has spent all week dropping words of wisdom on Twitter ― "truth is my goal. Controversy is my gym" ― but on Thursday it was a picture of a shoe that got people going.

After teasing one or more possible albums, the rapper shared what looked to be sneak peaks at new footwear for his Yeezy fashion line.

We're not completely sure if any of these are the actual prototypes of shoes to come, but Twitter was up in arms ― specifically over the slides. The chunky blue sandals had people thinking of, well, pretty much everything but fashion.

And the memes didn't just trickle in: It was a total meme monsoon. Here were some of our favorites:

Maybe the slides won't look as fruit-snacky in person... At any rate, anyone else suddenly hungry?