Man Discovers 'Worst Perfume Name Ever' At Westfield Shopping Centre

'What does it smell like? Metal and disappointment?'

A man’s tweet has gone viral after he shared a photo of a rather confusing sign he spotted during a shopping trip at London’s Westfield White City.

Joe Harland, who works for BBC Radio, spotted a sign directing shoppers towards the nearest working escalator - located next to luxury fashion shop Prada.

Harland hilariously implied the poster, which reads “Please use the escalator by Prada” next to an image of an elegantly-dressed woman, was actually a perfume advert.

“Worst. Perfume. Name. Ever.” he captioned the snap.

Harland’s tweet was liked nearly 20,000 times and retweeted by almost 8,000 people within two days of being posted on 8 October.

Some Twitter users took the joke even further, imagining what a ‘Please Take The Escalator’ by Prada perfume would smell like.

While others pointed out the phrase actually insinuated Prada were now making escalators.

Ah, the internet.


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