17 Times Gogglebox's Pete And Sophie Were The Gift That Kept On Giving

Sibling goals.

Since making their debut on Gogglebox back in 2017, brother-and-sister duo Pete and Sophie Sandiford have become two of the show’s most-loved contributors.

With their silly sense of humour, hilarious pranks and genuine affection for one another, they have charmed audiences of the Channel 4 show.

As the pair continue to serve up more TV gold on the latest series, we’re proving why they are the gift that keeps on giving with some of their most memorable moments...

1. When they decided to phone a number that allegedly belonged to Boris Johnson, but immediately panicked when someone picked up

2. When Pete’s pants redefined the word “shreddies”

When you just can’t part with your favourite undies…#Gogglebox pic.twitter.com/ojh82cSqN2

— C4 Gogglebox (@C4Gogglebox) April 30, 2021

“I mean my first question is, how have you got a fiancée?”

3. His jeans haven’t fared much better either

4. When Pete’s FitBit inadvertently revealed to Sophie that he’d been enjoying some late night ‘alone time’

Getting caught out by your sister... pic.twitter.com/62FhV5shZQ

— Gogglebox (@GoggleboxQuotes) May 11, 2020

5. When Sophie gave Pete a makeover, and he looked like a certain 70s rocker

I can smell burning…😬😬#Gogglebox pic.twitter.com/SHkt7FGmoa

— C4 Gogglebox (@C4Gogglebox) October 29, 2021

“I look like fucking Rod Stewart.”

6. Or when she gave him a drag makeover

7. When Pete insisted he was totally cool with snakes (and it turned out he wasn’t)

‘’I like Snakes...’’ pic.twitter.com/4nNO7GEuPv

— Gogglebox (@GoggleboxQuotes) March 16, 2021

8. They’re not much better with spiders...

Pete: "Stop screaming"

Sophie: "I can't help it"

Pete: " Will you ring mum" 😂😂@Petesandiford @PeteandSophie #Gogglebox pic.twitter.com/FlbYWvxuDU

— Goggleboxfanpage (@goggleboxshow) June 12, 2020

9. Or wasps...

Relatable... pic.twitter.com/Ynvb64RkmG

— Gogglebox (@GoggleboxQuotes) January 23, 2021

10. When Sophie had to endure Pete being all mushy on the phone with this partner


Just casually overhearing your sibling on phone to their partner 😂🙈 #gogglebox #fyp #peteandsophie #partner

♬ original sound - Gogglebox Fan Page

11. Pete’s clumsiness has provided much hilarity – whether it’s him slipping over...

12. Or when he had a hilarious sofa-related accident

13. Or spilling beverages

‘’Not my Gibraltar tea towel’’ 😂 pic.twitter.com/OPc3QqRNlf

— Gogglebox (@GoggleboxQuotes) February 15, 2021

“Not my Gibraltar tea towel.”

14. When Sophie used a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito to scare the shit out of Pete

15. When the pair shared a touching moment after war broke out in Ukraine

There's nothing quite like a sibling bond ❤️ #Gogglebox pic.twitter.com/WWJFUpwwNA

— Goggleboxfanpage (@goggleboxshow) March 15, 2022

16. Their brother-and-sisterly love for one another regularly has them (and us) in tears

17. And Pete’s baby has become the newest star of the show

Pete and Baby ♥️#Gogglebox pic.twitter.com/8HNtkaXpYp

— Goggleboxfanpage (@goggleboxshow) November 12, 2021

Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.


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