Peter Kay Confirms 'Car Share' Is Finished Forever, After Two Delightful Series Of Romantic Comedy

He's probably right, but...

Peter Kay has confirmed fans’ worst fears, and revealed there will be no more episodes of his sentimental romantic comedy ‘Car Share’.

Following two series of the deceptively simple show, featuring only two colleagues, a Fiat 500 and a handful of guest stars, the show has secured a permanent place in the affections of its viewers, hooked on the sweet, slow courtship of John Redmond and Kayleigh Kitson, bonding over shared tunes and chat on the way to and from work.

In the finale of Series 2, Kayleigh finally admitted she wanted more from their friendship, a declaration that caught John unawares and sent Kayleigh running from the car. Only after she’d gone, did his dedication to her on the radio arrive, but by then it was too late.

All over for John and Kayleigh
All over for John and Kayleigh

Now, fans hoping the pair will find a way to reconcile have had their hopes dashed, with Peter Kay confirming today, “There’s not going to be a series three, so it would never happen!”

Peter told BBC Radio Manchester:

“You’ve got to get out while the going’s good. No. No Christmas special either.”

“I am absolutely delighted and overwhelmed by everybody’s support and the fact that everyone’s loved it so much has been wonderful for everyone who’s made it, but you’re better quitting while you’re ahead.

“It’s been wonderful working with Sian, who’s one of my closest friends in the world. We have a good laugh but I think sometimes you’ve got to just leave things.

“You need good ideas - that’s the problem. You need good strong stories. A lot of series tend to go on for one series too many, especially with comedies, and I think people say ‘ooh, it’s gone off, that’.”

So that’s that, then. It looks like we could be left forever with thoughts of John and Kyleigh apart. It’s a shame. To paraphrase just one of the magical tunes to come from John’s radio station of choice, Forever FM, one step further and they could have been there…

There is a consolation prize, however, for firm fans of Peter Kay in all his incarnations. He IS thinking of returning to Phoenix Nights, even revealing, “There’s a whole series three that’s been written for about 15 years!”

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