13/04/2017 12:35 BST | Updated 13/04/2017 12:36 BST

'Peter Kay's Car Share' Delights Viewers, But Sparks Debate Over His Use Of Mobile Phone In The Car

Either way, it's a hit.

Peter Kay’s return with ‘Car Share’ has delighted millions of viewers, but he’s also managed to spark some controversy with his use of the mobile phone while on the move. 

The BAFTA-winning sweet romantic comedy returned on Tuesday, continuing the will-they-won’t-they friendship of John Redmond (Peter Kay) and his colleague Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson). 

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson were both filmed looking at their phones, but Peter Kay's character was driving, which sparked some viewers' comments

However, this series started with Kayleigh’s move to her sister’s house, which meant she no longer needed the car-share arrangement to work. It was clear the pair missed their meandering chats, however, which meant lots of phone calls between John in his car, and Kayleigh on the bus, then the tram, on their way to work. 

Almost seven million viewers tuned in, but some were left indignant about the amount of times Peter Kay’s character played with his mobile phone while moving in his car.

Although he generally used his hands-free kit to speak to Kayleigh, John Redmond also handled his phone to read the screen a couple of times, and one moment saw him watching a YouTube video of himself while waiting at the traffic lights.

Viewers were quick to wonder how quickly John Redmond would lose his licence with the freshly tightened-up rules around phone use if this were real life…

This legal point aside, viewers can’t get enough of the second series, with all four episodes of the new series now among the most watched programmes on BBCiPlayer. 

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