Peter Kay, Sian Gibson Return In Series 2 Of BAFTA-Winning 'Peter Kay's Car Share'

Flying solo.

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson return this week in a second series of ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share, and there’s something different you may or may not notice... their characters are no longer sharing a car.

The first series saw John Redmond participate in a car-share scheme with his colleague Kayleigh Kitson. While the pair were very different, their blossoming friendship was punctuated with singing songs and making each other laugh.

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson return in Series 2 of 'Car Share'
Peter Kay and Sian Gibson return in Series 2 of 'Car Share'

But, Series 2 sees Kayleigh having moved in with her sister, so the pair are now making separate journeys to and from work - John still in his music-filled car, and Kayleigh on the bus, then metro. As John asks, “What next, rickshaw?”

It’s clear John and Kayleigh miss their meandering chats, hence their frequent phone calls to one another during the daily commute. All to the soundtrack of Forever FM. The first episode alone sees John sing along to Jermaine Stewart, S Club Seven and Bardo... but something’s definitely missing.

The first series won Peter Kay a BAFTA Award for his performance, as well as another BAFTA for the script. When the whole series debuted on BBCiPlayer, it became the most watched show ever on that platform.

The new series debuts on BBC One on Tuesday night, after while the whole series will once again be available on BBCiPlayer.

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