10/05/2016 18:35 BST

Petrified Tourist Breaks Down In Tears As He Crawls Along 100m High Glass Walkway In China

The situation got worse when his trousers slid down.

A petrified tourist broke down and reportedly had to be carried off a glass walkway built over a cliff in China. 

The man clearly had no idea just how scared he would be walking along the 65m walkway, which is 100m-tall, and recently opened in a national park in the Guizhou Province.  

The man crawls along the walkway in China, crying out for help

Clearly distressed and suffering from acute vertigo, the man was filmed crawling along the glass, crying and begging for help. 

But rather than help the man, most bystanders broke down in tears of laughter. 

The situation got even more humiliating when the man's trousers began to slip down as he inched along the walkway.  

According to reports, the man was later carried off by staff at the walkway.