15/06/2017 16:15 BST

Phubbing: 9 Ways This Habit Is Killing Your Relationship


You might not know what ‘phubbing’ is, but we would bet our smartphone you’re guilty of this increasingly prevalent relationship habit.

‘Phubbing’ is the term used to describe snubbing your partner in favour of your technology, and whether that is your mobile in bed or your Kindle on holiday, we’ve all caught ourselves scrolling when we’re really not meant to be.

Various studies have confirmed this is bad news for relationships, as a partner who spends a lot of time on their phone leaves them feeling less satisfied and 54% of families said they felt less important to their loved ones.

If you’re still not convinced that you could ever be accused of prioritising your iPhone over your IRL-partner, then read on.

1. When you’d rather Whatsapp them than walk to the next room to talk to them. 

2. When you ask about their day and then check your phone instead of listening to the answer.

3. When you use any lull in conversation as a prompt to reach for your device. 

4. When you spend your whole date night Instagramming your meal.

5. When they go to sleep instead of having sex because they were waiting for you to finish with your phone.

6. When you use your Sunday lie-in as a marathon scroll sesh.

7. When you take out your no-Instagram-likes frustration on them.

8. When you tweet a funny joke to your followers before telling your partner IRL. 

9. When you try to elongate your hugs so you can finish writing a text over their shoulder.