Piers Morgan Takes Another Pop At 'Prima Donna' Adele Over Postponed Vegas Residency

He accused the Easy On Me singer of "disappearing up her rapidly diminishing celebrity backside".
Piers Morgan and Adele
Piers Morgan and Adele
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Piers Morgan has launched another attack on Adele, accusing her of “disappearing up her rapidly diminishing celebrity backside” after postponing her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter has branded the singer a “prima donna” and said she had “destroyed God knows how many dream trips by die-hard fans”, who had spent money on tickets, flights and hotels.

In an emotional video she posted last week, Adele tearfully announced that her show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace “ain’t ready”, just 24 hours before she was due to take to the stage for the first time.

She cited supply chain issues and around “half” her team contracting Covid for the delays.

However, writing in his column for The Sun, Piers accused Adele of “diva” behaviour as he referenced a number of US reports from “sources” with claims of behind-the-scenes drama.

He went on: “Adele’s great gift used to be her rare relatability to those fans. They believed in her because she was a working-class girl who treated them as equals.

“She has morphed into just another staggeringly rich, privileged, pampered prima donna who thinks it’s fine to pull the plug on months of shows at a moment’s notice.”

Piers said that Adele “could probably have found the inner strength to pocket $500,000 a night to sing a few songs” even if the show was not perfect.

“That would have been the right thing to do for the fans she professes to love so much,” he said.

“But sadly, it would appear health-obsessed Adele’s disappeared up her rapidly diminishing celebrity backside, and no amount of weeping and wailing can change that very disappointing fact.”

This is not the first time Piers has taken aim at Adele, as he laid into the star for talking about her son in interviews in the lead-up to the release of her album 30 last year.

Piers Morgan has previously attacked Adele
Piers Morgan has previously attacked Adele
Jeff Overs/BBC via PA Media

He called her “shameful” and “hypocritical” and accused the chart-topping star of “flogging” eight-year-old Angelo’s privacy – which he noted she’d previously gone to lengths to protect – pointing at the inclusion of audio voice notes from conversations with him about her divorce from his father Simon Konecki on one song.

The Loose Women panellist called the star “self-obsessed” and said her apology to fans after cancelling her shows was “snivelling”.


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