22/05/2017 09:01 BST

‘Good Morning Britain’: Piers Morgan Suffers Instant Karma After Having The Audacity To Criticise Cher

Whoops... ☕️

Piers Morgan was left feeling the heat during Monday’s (22 May) ‘Good Morning Britain’, when he accidentally poured tea all over himself, just moments after criticising Cher.

Now, we’re not saying the two events were in any way related but… Actually, y’know what? We are. Let this be a lesson to you, Piers.

Susanna's face says it all 

GMB’s Ross King was reporting via videolink from Las Vegas, where the Billboard Music Awards took place overnight, and as he discussed Cher’s stunning performance with Kate Garraway, Piers chipped in to state that the 71-year-old owes everything to “endless surgery”.

“You can’t be immune to criticism can you?” he added, in defence of his comments. “Nobody should be immune to criticism. You put yourself out there like that.”

And that, is when the tea was (literally) spilled.

John Shearer/BBMA2017 via Getty Images
Queen Cher at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards 

Luckily Susanna Reid was on hand to offer Piers some help laugh at him, and told her co-host: “That’s the spirit of Cher!”

Quite frankly, we think she’s onto something.

Piers’ complaints are part and parcel of ‘GMB’ and while many Twitter users often decry his outbursts, they do help pull in viewers.

It was recently revealed that in the time since Piers was given a permanent role on the team, viewing figures have grown by 17%.

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