Piers Morgan Says Donald Trump Has 'Lost His Mind' And Is A 'Dangerous Threat To American Democracy'

The Good Morning Britain presenter said his former friend “didn’t just cross the line, he trampled all over that line.”

Piers Morgan has called for Donald Trump to be removed from the White House following last week’s deadly US Capitol riots.

Trump had addressed thousands of supporters at a rally near the White House, egging them on to march to Capitol Hill, when rioters breached barricades and fought past police to storm into the building.

Five people, including a Capitol police officer, died as a result of the siege, which took place as Congress was tallying the Electoral College votes to confirm Democrat Joe Biden won the election.

On Monday’s Good Morning Britain, Piers distanced himself from his former friend, who he described as “dangerous” and a “threat to American democracy”.

“This is like the Metropolitan police here outside the Houses of Parliament being dragged by a mob to their death, encouraged by what would be the equivalent of our prime minister,” Piers said.

“It’s almost beyond belief but it’s a very serious situation in America. The question is, what do you do? What do we do with Donald Trump? There are 10 days to go. Do you just let him while out his 10 days and hope for the best?

“I think he’s lost his mind, I do. And I think that makes him dangerous and he should be removed.

“Arnold Schwazenegger, the former governor of California, gave a very powerful address in a video likening it back to 1938 when the purge of Jewish people began at the hands of Adolf Hitler’s nazis.

“The comparison may seem fanciful until you remember that one of the protestors in the capitol that was seen on camera around the world was weaning a Camp Auschwitz t-shirt. Think about that.”

Piers’ co-presenter Susanna Reid then challenged him on his past friendship with the US president and asked him if he regretted the support he had given him during his time in office.

“No question,” Piers responded. “I never thought he’d be capable of this.

“He’s played down to the very worst expectations and predictions of his worst critics.

“Until the pandemic really hit hard in March/April, when I could see the way he was going, and then I began to attack him, which I’ve done all year last year.

“But I never ever imagined the person I’ve known for 15 years would be capable of inciting a mob to attack the capitol in America and attack democracy itself.

“And he didn’t just cross the line, he trampled all over that line and he’s now a threat to American democracy.”

Piers concluded that his critics had been proved right, admitting it was a “sobering moment”.

“And to those who warned this was what was going to happen from Trump, you’ve been proven right and it’s a sobering moment,” he said.

“But Joe Biden will be president come the 20th January. He’s a decent man and he needs to somehow restore some kind of peace and healing in America.”

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