Piers Morgan Tears Into People 'Moaning' About Lockdown: 'I've Seen So Many People Be So Callous'

The Good Morning Britain presenter accused them of having a “disregard for those dying”.

Piers Morgan has blasted those complaining about England’s second lockdown, branding them “callous”.

The Good Morning Britain presenter accused those who were “moaning” about the latest restrictions of having a “disregard for those dying”.

Speaking after the UK recorded its highest daily death count of Covid-19 since May, he said on Thursday’s edition of the ITV breakfast show: “If people do the right thing, and they stop all moaning and we come together, help those who really need the help and we get through it, then come the second week of December, we might be out of this.

“But if we ignore this and rates carry on flying and the deaths carry on surging in the way they are, we’ll not be out of this and we’ll be in it for months. That’s what I say to people that just don’t want to do any form of self-restriction – think about it.

“If the hospitals get run over, we are absolutely in the cart. Our economy, in my estimation, would be in a far worse state if we can’t treat people at all because the hospitals are overrun, that’s the debate here.”

Piers Morgan tore into those "moaning" about lockdown
Piers Morgan tore into those "moaning" about lockdown

He continued: “Sorry, but I’ve seen so many people be so callous, I’ve seen them all day long and it’s the disregard for those dying and the mayhem it’s causing and the mourning to the families.”

Trying to balance the argument, Piers’ co-host Susanna Reid said: “Yes, but you’ve got to have sympathy for those who are going to be affected – and you describe them as moaning – actually are genuinely frightened for their livelihoods.”

“Those are two different things,” Piers clarified. “I’m talking about the ones that are moaning that I think don’t have a lot to moan about, who don’t have the financial problems, don’t have health conditions and actually don’t want to have their freedom impinged.”

Piers later added: “We’ve all got to do our bit. We’ve got to look after those who need medical treatment or need financial support. That is where our energy should be going.”

Issuing a warning to Piers, Susanna added: You need to be careful not to come across as not being sympathetic to those people who are really going to struggle during lockdown.”

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