Piers Morgan Wades In On McDonald's Packed Lunch Debate: 'That's Not Parenting, That's Abuse'

And people actually agreed with him (for once).

Piers Morgan has waded in on the packed lunch debate after parents were called out for sending kids to school with “worrying” lunches.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter was addressing the letter Jon Carthy, head of Byron Primary School in Kent, sent to parents after a number of “unacceptable” packed lunches were been given to kids at the school.

Some kids were given cold McDonald’s, others included four yoghurts and some Smarties and another lunch was a chocolate bar and a muffin.

Addressing the debate on the ITV chat show, Morgan said: “That’s not parenting, that’s abuse. Yes, they need policing these people.”

Good Morning Britain

Morgan continued: “They’re committing child abuse.

“I have nothing against McDonald’s but a congealed burger from the night before, that’s disgusting.”

Morgan’s co-host Susanna Reid attempted to balance the debate by saying parents are under a “lot of pressure”.

The presenters then went through a test on the show to try out the lunches that some children had given. However Morgan refused to finish the cold burger, saying: “I’m not eating that, that’s disgusting. I was right about that.”

People on Twitter were supportive of Morgan’s comments agains the packed lunches, to their surprise.

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