Piers Morgan Loses His Cool With Pro-Gun Campaigner During Tense 'Good Morning Britain' Interview

'You can’t buy a Kinder Surprise because they’re deemed to be unsafe to Americans, but you can buy a AR-15 rifle.'

Piers Morgan could not hide his disgust as he argued with a pro-gun campaigner, during a tense interview on 'Good Morning Britain' on Monday (13 June).

The host seriously lost his cool with guest Dan Roberts, while grilling him on his views with co-presenter Susanna Reid, in the light of the Orlando shootings, which saw 49 people killed and over 50 injured at a gay nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Piers, who is a vocal anti-gun campaigner, attempted to challenge Dan by pointing out that in the US, you can’t buy a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg because they’re deemed to be unsafe, yet you can buy an AR-15 rifle, which is one of the weapons perpetrator, Omar Mateen, used during his attack on those inside the Florida venue.

Piers Morgan was outraged during an interview with a pro-gun campaigner on 'Good Morning Britain'
Piers Morgan was outraged during an interview with a pro-gun campaigner on 'Good Morning Britain'

After Dan attempted to explain the shootings were an act of Islamic terrorism, Piers asked: "Why would you have such a problem with Islamic terror, which clearly exercises you and you are concerned about that, why would you want to make it easy for someone like this killer to get his hands on a rifle like that to perpetrate what he did?"

Dan claimed that Piers' argument about not being able to buy a Kinder egg was a "red herring", adding: "It turns out that choking on candy is one of the top five causes of child mortality. Accidental firearms death is not even in the Top 10."

This angered both Piers and Susanna, with both presenters clearly outraged at his ignorance.

With his head in his hands, a clearly outraged Piers jumped in, stating: "No, I can’t let this go, I’m sorry Susanna. You’re genuinely trying to tell us that in a country where 32,000 people a year are killed by guns, eating candy is more dangerous?"

But Piers' impassioned words were not enough to convince Dan, who went on to claim the events in Orlando were "not a justification to restrict the rights of millions of people."

Watch the full interview in the video below...

Piers' attempts to shut Dan's views down were widely praised on Twitter:

Piers previously launched an attack on the hypocrisy of US “gun nuts”, shortly after Sunday's events, claiming that Orlando was “awash” with guns, yet if this atrocity occurred in Paris, firearms advocates would call for citizens to carry weapons.

'Good Morning Britain' airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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