21/12/2016 09:43 GMT

9 Reasons Why Pigs In Blankets Should Be Worshipped For The Tiny Miracles They Are

Sorry vegetarians.

They reign supreme on the Christmas buffet table, outshining the turkey and bread sauce by a mile.

But here are 9 (we could have come up with 99) reasons why pigs in blankets should be a year-round treat. 

1. They are consistently delicious.  

2. They combine our two favourite meats.

3. You can eat them as a snack or as part of a meal. 

4. They are bitesize so you don’t feel guilty for eating ten in a row.

5. They are the perfect vehicle for cranberry sauce. 

6. You can eat them hot or cold. 

7. They are a party crowd pleaser (unlike cheese and pineapple sticks). 

8. They are 100% protein (so you can basically eat them at the gym).

9. They make us wait all year because they know how to play hard to get.