14 Ideas If Your Kid Really Loves Dinosaurs

Get Jurassic Park in your living room🐉

Is your child obsessed with all things dinosaur? Talking T-Rex and dreaming Deinonychus 24/7?

These Pinterest ideas are great for parents who want to get involved with their child’s love for the prehistoric.

Everything from food ideas, to DIY projects, crafty tips and of course, a homemade excavation site: you can have your very own Jurassic Park in your living room!

1. Dinosaur Packed Lunch

2. Dinosaur DIY Terrarium

3. Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt

4. Dinosaur Party Hats

5. Dinosaur Bedroom Prints

6. Dinosaur DIY Tails

7. Mini Toy Dinosaur Party Hats

8. Dinosaur Egg Cake Pops

9. Dinosaur Scrub Teeth Brushing

10. Pater Plate DIY Dinosaurs

11. Dinosaur Cupcakes

12. Dinosaur Excavation Site

13. DIY Dinosaur Feet

14. Dinosaur Storage Jars