PMQs Today Without The Shouting, Live In Funny Tweets

Will Corbyn miss another open goal?

Parliament is back from the April recess, and there's a lot to talk about.

Tax should play a big part in the usual back-and-forth between David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn, but the Labour leader has a history of missing open goals during their midweek head-to-head and the prime minister will surely have a few prepared quips up his sleeve to rebuff any Panama-related questions.

Let's take a look at how things went at PMQs today, without all the boring bits.

Things got back to normal right off the bat.

Corbyn opened by paying tribute to famous playwright Arnold Wesker, but Cameron seemed like he wasn't sure who that was.

Cameron brought up the old tax returns...

For which Corbyn actually had a very good comeback!

Dennis Skinner was back after his brief suspension from the chamber.

We heard some familiar old slogans...

And Corbyn was swiftly left in the dust by the slightly more eloquent Angus Robertson.

Ukip's only MP managed to squeeze a question in.

Which he must've missed the last time the exact same thing was asked...

Things were a lot quieter than usual today, but we couldn't possibly imagine why...

But we still had the odd nonsense question.

Potentially the most important and substantial questions were about the closure of women's refuges, but sadly no promises were made.

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