PMQs: Watch As David Cameron Compares Jeremy Corbyn To Monty Python's Black Knight

'It's only a flesh wound!'

David Cameron today compared Jeremy Corbyn to Monty Python’s deluded Black Knight as he mocked the Labour leader for refusing to step down.

In his final Prime Minister’s Questions, Cameron jokingly claimed he admired Corbyn’s “tenacity” for clinging on as leader despite losing a vote of no confidence from his own MPs.

With Theresa May set to take over as Prime Minster later today, Cameron also mocked Labour for never having elected a female leader of the country.

But it was his gag about Corbyn’s refusal to stand down as leader that drew the biggest laughter from his fellow Toris, and even a few smiles from Labour MPs

He said: “I’m beginning to admire his tenacity. He is reminding me of the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

“He’s been kicked so many times, but he says: ‘Keep going, it’s only a flesh wound’ - I admire that!”

Last month, called on Corbyn to stand down as Labour leader for the good of the nation, arguing the country needed a strong opposition.

Despite mass resignations from his Shadow Government, Corbyn has refused to go, and last night it was confirmed he does not need the support of MPs to get on the ballot for any leadership contest.

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