02/02/2017 14:33 GMT | Updated 02/02/2017 14:36 GMT

Police Dog Knocks Innocent Bystander Onto Train Tracks

The police 'regret the incident very much.'

This is the shocking moment a snarling police dog toppled a woman off a platform and onto the train tracks below.

Mercifully, there were no oncoming trains at the time of the incident in the German city of Nuremberg, earlier this week.

The woman was seen being pulled to safety by a member of the public as the handler tried to calm the dog down.  

The woman was knocked onto the train tracks by a clearly agitated police dog 
It has been reported she broke her leg in the fall 

A police spokesman told Bild: “We regret the incident very much.”

He added the dog: “Was trained to protect his master as soon as someone came too close to him.”

Officers had been deployed to the station on Monday to provide security after a football match between FC Nuremberg and Dynamo Dresden. 

According to some reports, the victim’s leg was broken during her fall.