Police Dog Loses It With Excitement During Reunion With Handler

Look how happy he is! 🐶

Dogs really are man's best friend - and this video is proof.

The clip, which was uploaded to Facebook by North Yorkshire Police, shows the touching moment a police dog reunites with its handler after two weeks apart.

Dutch the dog gallops up to PC Marc Richardson and jumps into his arms, tail wagging. He then begins to frantically lick Richardson's face, while writhing with excitement in his arms.

Meanwhile another dog called Bailey runs around their feet.

The wonderful clip was shared on the police department's Facebook page earlier this week. It has been viewed more than 114,000 times.

According to the Mail Online, PC Richardson and Dutch have been working together for five years now.

Commenting on the touching video, Sarah Hartley said: "This is so lovely to watch. That dog really does love his handler. Thank you to all the wonderful dog handlers out there you do an incredible job."

Mark Thompson added: "[You] can never break that bond between man and dog. Awesome feeling."

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