Is This Your Child's Toy? Police Hunt To Reunite Lost Monkey With It's Owner

Were you at Gatwick airport?

An international hunt has been launched to reunite a lost toy with its owner after a cuddly monkey was discovered by a police officer at Gatwick Airport.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare; losing your child’s favourite toy, especially when you’re about to get on a plane to a foreign country.

But that’s exactly what happened between 7.45 and 8.00am this morning [Wednesday 26 July], when a stuffed monkey was left in the ladies’ toilets next to Marks and Spencer at Gatwick South Terminal.

The toy was only found to be missing when police dog Ollie stumbled across it during a routine patrol with his handler PC Webber.

Police Community Support Officer Victor Finch took it into his own hands to spread the word via Twitter.

He told Metro: “Hopefully we’ll be able to reunite the teddy to its owner but to be honest I don’t know.”

Other parents have been quick to help out by sharing the post, with many discussing their dread at being in a similar situation happening before a holiday.

The toy is currently being held by lost property at the airport until someone comes forward to claim it.

There is some hope that the family will be found after a similar incident was resolved when a little girl was reunited with her lost teddy bear.

Phoebe Simpson accidentally left ‘Roar’ on an East Coast train to Kings Cross, but luckily passenger Lauren Vranch came across the well-loved toy and took to Twitter to track down his owner.