08/06/2017 14:01 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 17:28 BST

Cumbria Polling Booth Fight Caught On Video As Media Brawl To Capture Tim Farron Voting

All just to capture Tim Farron cast his vote.

A “scrap” has been caught on video at a polling booth in Cumbria between a photographer and a TV cameraman jostling for position while they waited to capture Lib Dems leader Tim Farron casting his vote. 

The unknown snapper appeared to want to look inside the doorway of the polling station, believed to be in Kendal, but when he got in the cameraman’s way, he was shoved, and almost tripped over. 

While trying to get back outside the photographer used his back to shield himself from the cameraman, before switching his offensive to using his elbows to nudge into position.

A woman is heard commentating on the BBC footage: “Oh, a man almost tripped up.... oh, he’s done it again, what’s going on?”

The fracas then gets bit more physical as the cameraman uses his left arm to swat the photographer out of the way.

The photographer is then seen hitting the ground, as another snapper standing opposite the cameraman, takes the opportunity to improve his position at the doorway. 

“Oh, they’re having a proper scrap,” the woman is heard saying. 

Meanwhile, last minute General Election polls have concluded that the Conservatives should be the victors today, but the gap between the two major parties could be as narrow as just one percentage point, according to one poll.

Eight polls were published on Wednesday night, just hours before polling booths across Britain opened at 7am, with the closest margin predicted by Survation who had the Tories on 41.3% and Labour on 40.4%.


A further poll, by Ipsos MORI, released shortly before midday on Thursday gave the Conservatives an eight point lead, 44% over Labour 36%.

Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, and other party leaders have already voted in their constituencies as campaigners battle predicted poor weather to get out the vote.

Later, a national exit poll will be published at 10pm (BST) with results beginning just before 11pm and continuing all through the night into Friday.