01/04/2016 13:41 BST

PornHub's April Fools' Day Prank Is The Best One We've Seen

Don't worry, this one is safe to look at at work.

Smut peddling video site PornHub has decided to mark April Fools' Day by ditching the obscenity in favour of sweet, glorious videos of corn on the cob and other maize-related goodies.

Yes, they've rebranded as CornHub.


On this day only, if you head over to their website you won't see nude women and erect penises, you'll be greeted by luscious stalks of sweetcorn.

But be warned, if you try to watch one of the corny videos you'll be redirected to something much, much less safe for work.

And they're even getting in the mood on Twitter...

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