Poundland Engagement Rings Launched Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Put a £1 ring on it.

If you’re considering popping the question this Valentine’s day, take a trip to Poundland to get yourself a ring. No, this is not a joke.

While tradition dictates three months salary be spent on an engagement ring, but times are clearly changing. Who can forget the backlash against the Mumsnet who complained about her £1,300 ring?

Poundland has taken it one step further, throwing tradition out the window altogether, describing its new rings as a ‘budget placeholder’ before you choose the right ring together.

There are four designs available in different gemstones resembling diamond, ruby and topaz made from Cubic Zirconia in gold and silver colourways. They even come in a red velvet heart-shaped box.

Having prepared for all outcomes of a proposal, the budget retailer is also extending its return policy on the Bling Ring which will allow customers to get a full refund up to a year after purchasing it, just in case the answer is an awkward no.

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, head to your nearest Poundland now to snap up a ring, so you can postpone (and save) for the actual diamonds down the line.

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