Pregnant Mum Shows How Weight Lifting Made Her Baby Bump Look Different Second Time Round

It was all down to changing her fitness regime.

Update: The Instagram user has now removed the post.

A mum was shocked to see how different her baby bumps looked during her first and second pregnancies.

Bethany G, a fitness lover from the US, said during her first pregnancy she was in labour for 44 hours and it took six full weeks to recover from the birth.

When she fell pregnant for the second time, she focused a lot more on her fitness and began weight lifting, as well as running.

By changing her fitness regime, the mother noticed a huge difference in her body as well as the recovery period after giving birth.

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Posting the comparison photo on Instagram, Bethany reflected on how different her pregnancies had been.

The photo on the left was taken when she was 40 weeks pregnant with her first child (son), and the photo on the right was taken when she was almost 41 weeks pregnant with her second child (daughter).

“I gained the exact same amount of weight with both pregnancies, 33 lbs and my daughter ended up being about a pound bigger than my son,” she wrote.

“With my son I ran my entire pregnancy until 37 weeks but didn’t do any lifting.

“With my daughter, I lifted throughout and did some running on the side as well. In pregnancy in general it didn’t make that big of a difference.

“My back and hips still killed towards the end. But in recovery and labour it has made ALL the difference.”

Bethany was in labour with her daughter for just five hours and she said it took her just five days to recover, compared to the six weeks with her first child.

“I know some of this is normal with multiple births, but I do think it goes to show if you work hard and consistent it does pay off,” she wrote.

“If you’re pregnant right now and wondering if it’s worth it to workout, it is! It is so worth it and I am glad I pushed through every day of my pregnancy.”

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