Pregnant Women Are Taking Photos Of Their Bumps In Milk Baths Surrounded By Flowers


Mums-to-be have found a new way to document their pregnancy - by laying in a bath of milk.

Women are pictured covering the bottom half of their body so their bump prominently sticks out.

They place colourful flowers around them and cradle their bump to produce the picture-perfect snap.

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According to photography magazine ‘Pop Photo’, the trend is popular because there is “something about the white colour of the milk that really puts the focus onto your subject.”

The colour of the milk is also said to create a “dream-like” effect in the photo.

Women fill up the bath with water, then add in milk until their desired colour is achieved. Some women opt to wear white lace bodysuits and others lay in their underwear.

And although the photos are similar, they’re personalised by the different colours and types of flowers that surround the mother.

Mums are using the hashtag #milkbath to share their photos on Instagram. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites.

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