30/11/2017 11:36 GMT

OTT Oversized Trouser-Leg Is The Surprise Trend Nobody Asked For From 2017

Erm Pretty Little Thing, are these for Michael Jordan?

We’ve had our fair share of weird trends in 2017, from wiggle ’brows to dad bod bum bags.

But there’s a new fashion topic trending on Twitter these days: ridiculously oversized trousers.

Recently, a Pretty Little Things customer shared an image of herself wearing her latest purchase.

“When you tryna be Kourtney K but end up looking like Heisenberg thanks,” she tweeted. 

The post got a lot of laughs (and over 5,200 retweets), and Cady soon learned she wasn’t the only one being swamped as others started to share their own images of their oversized trousers from the same brand. 

There’s something to be said for the sense of humour these disgruntled customers have. 

That’s one way to look at the bright side: you may not have the trousers you wanted but at least your Twitter fam’s got your back. 

But Pretty Little Thing need not feel too bad for misjudging the height of the average UK woman. 

One Twitter user also called out another brand for the same issue. 

There’s nothing quite like solidarity on social media and Twitter is queen at banding together for the sake of a giggle

As one Twitter user commented: “this dog feels your struggle.”

HuffPost UK has reached out to Pretty Little Thing for comment and will update this article upon their response.