Prince George Meets President Barack Obama Like An Absolute Boss

'Fairly gangster-pimp to receive the president whilst wearing a dressing gown...'

When you were a toddler you might have been allowed to stay up late for a birthday or maybe New Year's Eve.

If you're Prince George, things are a little different.

The two-year-old was allowed to be up a little past his bedtime in order to meet Barack and Michelle Obama while rocking a dressing gown and slippers.

The US president said: "I guess you all know why I came this week,

"It's no secret. Nothing was going to stop me from wishing happy birthday to her majesty, or meeting George, who was adorable."

Elsewhere, Obama's visit has proved slightly more controversial

The Brexit campaign has been told to “get a grip” after going into meltdown as it reacted to Barack Obama’s pro-EU intervention.

The president’s warning that leaving the EU would leave Britain at “the back of the queue” for American trade deals has been hailed as a decisive boost for David Cameron’s campaign for Britain to stay in the EU.

It triggered a meltdown among senior figures on the Leave campaign, which branded the outgoing president irrelevant and a “lame duck”.

Nigel Farage claimed the fact the president used the word “queue” rather than the more common American equivalent “line” showed the remark was written for him by Downing Street.

“He said Britain would be at the back of the queue, no American would ever say ‘back of the queue’, Americans don’t use the word ‘queue’, Americans use the word ‘line’,” the Ukip leader told BBC Radio Four’s Any Questions.

“Therefore, what Obama said when he said we would be at the back of the queue, he was doing the bidding of Cameron, and Number 10, and doing his best to talk down Britain, and I think that’s shameful.”

Times journalist David Aaronovitch called this claim “bloody silly”.

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