03/08/2018 14:12 BST

Prince Harry's Former Audi Is Now Available On AutoTrader

Yours for a snip at £72,000 😳

Prince Harry’s former car has appeared on AutoTrader, giving one die-hard royal fan the chance to own a very expensive piece of memorabilia.

You see despite it being a used car, the Audi estate is being listed at a cool £71,900. Bargain.

Now while you would be forgiven for thinking that they’ve hiked the price up because of its previous owner, the reality is that this is no normal Audi estate.

Overton Prestige

The Audi RS6 Avant is essentially what would happen if you told a supercar and a people carrier to have offspring.

It weighs 2.1 tonnes, has enough boot space for a week-long holiday in the Lake District and yet enough power to leave your average Porsche choking on tyre smoke.

With over 550bhp and a 0-60mph of just 3.9 seconds this sports car in disguise starts at over £80,000. Factor in that Prince Harry’s model comes with £11,000 worth of extras and the final price reaches an eye-watering £91,530.

Overton Prestige

According to AutoTrader the optional extras include privacy glass, panoramic sunroof, night vision, heated seats, heads-up display, sports exhaust and more.

The 17 reg has around 4,464 miles on the clock and unsurprisingly, just one previous owner.

It’s thought that the Prince only used the Audi for a year, hence the low mileage.