Prince Harry's Favourite Action Movie Makes A Lot Of Sense

The royal revealed all on 'The Late Show'

Prince Harry is a big fan of dogs, Russell Crowe and reincarnation.

The Duke of Sussex revealed as much during the “Colbert Questionert,” which “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert aired Tuesday after recording the clip during the royal’s visit to the show in January.

Harry joined a roster of prior guests including Michelle Obama and Robert De Niro in answering 15 questions. The banter began quickly when Colbert claimed the quiz, “scientifically calculated to plumb the depths of anyone to reveal their soul to the world,” was created in a lab.

“You have a lab here?” Harry asked. “That explains a lot.”

Harry went on to answer some of life’s most pressing questions. Cats or dogs? “Uh, dogs, obviously.” Apples or oranges? “Oranges, duh.”

“Something weirdly cannibalistic about that,” quipped Colbert, referring to Harry’s red hair.

“You know if we bite you, you get ginger-vitis,” joked Harry.

When the “Spare” author said his favourite sandwich was “a cheese and ham toastie with dijon mustard,” Colbert asked if a “toastie” was the same as a panini. Harry said these regional language differences “got me and my wife into a lot of trouble” when they started dating.

Colbert suggested “fanny” was the most egregious of all Britishisms — it refers to a starkly different piece of anatomy across the pond — only for Harry to claim “horseback riding” was the worst of all Americanisms: “Where else are you going to ride the horse?”

Harry went on to reveal he once asked the entire England rugby team for their autographs at the 2003 World Cup, only for the players to be “standing there with their willies hanging out.” He proudly confirmed getting “all 15 signatures” on his jersey.

“They signed it with pens, yes?” Colbert inquired.

Harry endearingly said his favourite smell was his wife, Meghan Markle, before admitting that snakes were the scariest animal. When asked what he believes happens when we die, Harry confessed he believes in reincarnation — and hopes to return as an elephant.

Perhaps most notably, the Duke of Sussex said his favourite action movie was Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” (2000), which is about one man defying an empire.

Harry, whose exit from the royal family and subsequent memoir arguably did just that, concluded by describing the rest of his life in five words: “Freedom. Happiness. Clarity. Space. Love.