Duchess And Duke Of Cambridge Send 'Thank You' Cards From Princess Charlotte After First Birthday

'I did a little happy dance when I received it.'

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have sent out 'thank you' cards on behalf of one-year-old Princess Charlotte to those who sent her birthday wishes.

Jess Ilse from Halifax, received one of the cards, which features a portrait of the princess, and posted a photo of it on Twitter.

The photo was taken by the Duchess of Cambridge and released as part of her birthday celebrations on 2 May.

"The lovely thank you card I received today for Princess Charlotte's birthday," Ilse wrote on Twitter.

"I was excited more than anything when I received the card," Ilse told The Huffington Post UK.

"When you see an envelope in your mailbox with 'Royal Air Mail' stamped on it, you do a little happy dance."

Princess Charlotte Turns one