Crap At Laundry? Here’s How To Keep On Top Of That Massive Pile Of Clothes

Everything you need to take your laundry routine up a notch, plus hacks to make each task simpler.
Up your laundry game with these game-changing buys
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Up your laundry game with these game-changing buys

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Let’s get real, laundry is no one’s favourite chore. But for some of us, putting on a load of washing can feel like hell on earth.

For some reason, no matter how hard you try, your huge pile of laundry never seems to shrink, and worse still, your clothes never seem to come out smelling fresh or stain-free.

Doing laundry can be a drag, but it’s not as tricky as you think. The key is to get into a routine, wash clothes, towels and linen regularly, and to use products that actually work.

To help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of all the laundry must-haves to make keeping on top of your washing easier and more achievable.

Detest folding? This folding board will change that
Make folding laundry easier with this simple-to-use laundry board.
Use this fabric freshener to extend wear
Not got around to washing your clothes in a while? This antibacterial spray will instantly refresh clothes, giving you an extra day or twos wear out of them before a wash is needed.
Bid farewell to stains with this handy soap bar
For removing stubborn stains from laundry, this Vanish bar is quick and easy to use. Simply wet the fabric, rub the bar over the stain, leave to sit, and then pop the item into the washing machine and wash as usual.
Make removing creases from laundry easier with a handheld steamer
Not a fan of ironing? This handheld steamer is a great option; it heats up in 30 seconds flat and makes removing creases totally effortless.
Keep your washing machine clean
Regularly cleaning your washing machine is an important part of your laundry routine, as it helps to remove bacteria and viruses, as well as preventing bad odours from developing. For this, the Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner works wonderfully and removes 99.9% of all germs.
Speed up drying with these dryer balls
To save energy and reduce drying time, add these 100% New Zealand dryer balls to your tumble dryer. (FYI, they're reusable and can significantly speed up drying times.)
Prevent your delicates getting damaged with a mesh bag
Delicate garments (think bras and knickers) can get easily damaged when being washed. Protect these items by washing them in a drawstring mesh bag.
Spritz your laundry with a linen mist to ensure it smells fresh
To give your clean, dry laundry a scent boost, mist it with this all-natural linen spray, made with lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang.
Use tumble dryer sheets to keep your clothes smelling fresh
If you're tumble drying your clothes, pop a dryer sheet into the drum with your laundry to keep it smelling fresh. No dryer? Add a sheet or two to your laundry basket with your clean, folded clothes.
Make the most of your radiators with these drying racks
If your heaters are on, you might as well use the heat to dry your clothes more quickly. These radiator laundry racks allow you to dry more clothes per radiator.
Make clothes drying easier with this drying rack
Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, this large clothes drying rack can dry two loads of laundry at once.
Use these stain removers to keep your clothes looking like new
Granted, stains can be a total nightmare to remove, but that's where these stain removers come in. For coloured clothes, use a scoop of Vanish Oxi Advance and for white clothes use Vanish Oxi Action to blast stains.
Use this fabric softner to make your laundry smell super fresh
This ultra concentrated fabric softener will make your laundry smell like it's been dried outdoors, even if it's been tumble dried or hung indoors.
Rid your washing of bacteria and viruses
For clothes, towels, and bed linen that is hygienically clean, using a laundry sanitiser is your best bet. Even if you wash your clothes at 20 degrees, the sanitiser will ensure that your clothes are fresh, clean and odour free.
Decant your washing powder into this tin (which comes with a handy scoop)
To prevent laundry powder clumping due to moisture, storing it in an airtight tub (like this one) is a smart move. The scoop is also super useful for measuring out the perfect amount of detergent for each wash.
Store your laundry tabs in this handy tin
Not got space in your cupboard to store laundry tabs? But don't want to keep the plastic box the pods come in on display? Invest in one of these chic storage boxes. (Just make sure to snap a pic of any instructions and safety advice from the packaging before you chuck it out.)
Keep your dirty clothes organised with this laundry organiser
Instead of having to separate your washing once you've carted it to the washing machine, make life easier for yourself and organise it beforehand with this smart solution.
Use this huge basket to toss dirty clothes in
To keep on top of your laundry, having a place where you store all of your dirty clothes works well. This cotton rope basket is a great option; put it in your bathroom or bedroom and pop your dirty clothes in there ready to be washed.
Save space with this collapsible laundry basket
For keeping your clean laundry organised, a laundry basket is key. This space-saving collapsible design is a great option even if space is limited.