06/04/2017 13:39 BST | Updated 06/04/2017 13:45 BST

Putin In Drag Picture Is Banned In Russia As ‘Extremist’

The images 'hint at the Russian president's nonstandard sexual orientation.'

An image featuring Vladimir Putin with painted eyes and lips has been banned in Russia.

The picture is listed on the Russian Justice Ministry’s list of forbidden “extremist’ materials – which now spans 4,074 entries.

The Moscow Times points out that officials have not provided a copy of the image, but that it is likely to resemble any of the many memes, murals and models of Putin used in LGBT protests in Russia and worldwide...

PHILIPPE LOPEZ via Getty Images
An activist protests Russia's anti-gay legislation on the day of the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in February, 2014 
Barcroft Media via Getty Images
A lesbian couple kiss in front of a mural depicting Putin and Donald Trump locked in embrace in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016
PATRIK STOLLARZ via Getty Images
A float featuring Putin kissing Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill with texts reading 'Anti Gay ?' and 'Not us!' makes its way through the streets of Dusseldorf in 2014
AFP via Getty Images
A protest against homophobia and repression against gays in Russia in Madrid, 2013
FLORIAN SCHUH via Getty Images
A man holds up a sign reading 'Putin go homo' in Berlin on August 31, 2013
NurPhoto via Getty Images
Protesters at the Russian Embassy in Madrid
PYMCA via Getty Images
Two Copenhagen Gay Pride participants wear matryoshka doll costumes featuring Putin's image in Copenhagen, 2013 

It adds that court records say the image “hints at the Russian president’s nonstandard sexual orientation.”  

The Washington Post writes that a Kremlin spokesman said he hadn’t seen the picture, but he was sure it didn’t bother the President.

Images of Putin in make-up began appearing following the Kremlin’s 2013 gay propaganda law, which effectively banned the distribution of materials giving information on LGBT rights.