This Brand Are Making 'Underwear For Periods, Not Gender', And People Are Here For It

Because it's not just cis women who menstruate.

Pyramid Seven has created ‘underwear for periods, not gender’ and people can’t get enough of their pioneering efforts.

Founded by Michelle Janayea and Zipporah Jarmon, the Chicago-based fashion retailer - who only launched their first collection in June - has designed underwear options that aren’t traditionally feminine for when you’re menstruating.

Featuring two styles - from ‘agave’ to ‘marmalade’ - in a colourful mix, the range is available in sizes XS - XL.

After noticing a gap in the market, the two friends came together to launch an online fundraiser to help get their company started.

“After noticing there was a lack of conversation around people with periods who didn’t normally wear feminine underwear, we decided to do something about it,” the brand wrote on their website.

“In this last year, we’ve worked passionately around the clock to bring you affirming boxer briefs for people with periods.

A pair of Pyramid Seven boxers were donated to the Broadway Youth centre for every sponsor over£39 ($50) – an educational and health service for LGBTQ teens and young people.

“We have found a simple solution that allows boxer briefs to support menstruating products,” they wrote.

“We have eliminated the additional fabric that normally comes with boxer briefs and have added fabric on the gusset which allows for a menstrual pad to be placed on top of the fabric with the wings folding underneath.

“If a person uses a tampon or cup, they can add their liner on top of the fabric.

Pyramid Seven
Pyramid Seven

Priced at £20 ($26), their designs are sustainable and eco-friendly - with all of their garments made by hand, hand dyed and made from organic jersey cotton.

And their success speaks for itself as they’ve currently sold out of every design on their website - but they’re working on a restock for 28 July (with international shipping available) so hang tight.


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