Queen Elizabeth's 90th: The Worst Things About Having Two Birthdays

We feel you, Queenie.

Her Majesty's 90th birthday is here - the real one, not the "official" one.

Queen Elizabeth II last year surpassed her great great grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest serving British monarch in history.

Her Majesty has worn the crown for 62 years, overseen a total of 12 Prime Ministers and ruled a doggie dynasty of more than 30 corgis.

But we noticed there might be a few problems with celebrating two birthdays...

1. No one likes having to plan two separate parties
2. Everyone ALWAYS forgets which day to send your birthday cards
3. And some people will undoubtedly claim they only have to get you one present
David Hartley/REX
4. The gun salutes at midday will probably wake the corgis
Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images
Lizzie loves a birthday lie-in.
5. Everyone has an excuse to bring up Her Majesty's age twice a year
No one wants to hear that!
6. You have to keep pubs open longer just for people to remember the date
7. Everyone thinks it's funny to make jokes about having two birthdays

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