Crown Tattoos Are The Wonderful New Way For Women To Celebrate Themselves

#Queening 👑

Hundreds of women are getting crown tattoos as a powerful symbol of self-love and strength.

Australian parenting blogger and über feminist Constance Hall spearheaded the trend when she posted a picture of one of her fan’s crown tattoos on Instagram.

She wrote: “One of our Queens got this tattoo to remind herself that she is a fucking Queen even though she’s struggling to conceive at the moment and on all sorts of hormone drugs.

“Still a Queen. Always a Queen. I wish her a world of luck and am inspired and thinking that maybe we all need crown tats?”

Hall, who has released a book called ‘Like A Queen’, also recently had a crown tattoo inked on her finger to show that she too is a queen and deserves to be treated like one.

She shared a picture of her new tattoo on Instagram with the caption: “Being a Queen is not only a commitment to support the shit out of other Queens but also one to yourself. To recognise your inner rad bitch and never stop loving her.”

It wasn’t long before a number of her 107,000 followers began to jump on the bandwagon, getting crown tattoos for themselves.

Hall has been praised for speaking out against all manner of issues affecting women - from body-shaming to gender bias in parenting.

Earlier this month, she wrote an open letter criticising the way people react when a father looks after the children, compared to when their mother does.

The mum-of-four said that failures are seen as endearing when a man makes them, but women are judged and often criticised if they do the same thing.

Meanwhile in March, Hall posted a photo of herself recreating Kim Kardashian’s naked bathroom selfie to send a message of body positivity to women everywhere.

With her latest tattoo campaign capturing attention worldwide, we can’t wait to see what she does next.

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