Queer Eye's Tan France Confesses His Love Of Greggs And Now We Love Him Even More

He really misses it, and we totally get why.

If we were to move overseas, there isn’t much we’d miss about the UK right now – the terrible weather, the fact the government is in total meltdown (to name just two things).

Something we would miss, though, are the delicious baked treats from everyone’s favourite bakery chain, Greggs.

It seems we’re not alone either, as Queer Eye’s Tan France has declared his love for the decidedly British fast food chain.

Our photoshop skills truly know no bounds
Our photoshop skills truly know no bounds
Getty/Greggs/HuffPost UK

Now, while you might think that a lifestyle guru like Tan might prefer spinach and spirulina to a sausage roll or a steak bake, he has renegaded on all those expectations in a new video.

The British-born star, who has lived in the US for many years, revisited his old stomping ground of Manchester for a new video to promote the new series of Queer Eye.

In a short clip of the film that’s been posted on Twitter, Tan said: “I really miss a very convenient pastry store that does cheese and onion pasties.”

In an attempt to avoid brand promotion, he then said: “It rhymes with smeggs...”

His shout-out then led to a response from Greggs themselves on Twitter...

Which only led to a further declaration of love from the man himself.

“We are not worthy,” he wrote. “I miss you so much out here in the US.”

Tan will be back on our screens with the rest of the Fab Five on Friday, as the third series of Queer Eye hits Netflix.

Watch the full film of Tan returning to Manchester in the video below...

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