'Question Time': Who Will Take Over From David Dimbleby? Here Are 9 Alternative Hosts

Yes, Hayley from 'Love Island' is one of them. Hear us out.

Following the news that David Dimbleby is stepping down from ‘Question Time’ after 25 years, talk has quickly turned to one topic: who on earth will replace him?

There’s no shortage of names being linked to the job but so far, all of the suggestions are a little too obvious for our liking.

Sure, they could give the job to another BBC favourite, or a safe pair of hands, but maybe what ‘Question Time’ needs, is for someone a little unexpected to take over.

Here are nine of our alternative suggestions...

1. Rylan Clark-Neal

It’d be easy to stick your nose up at the thought of Rylan presenting the politics show, but he could do it in his sleep. Seriously.

For the uninitiated - where have you been? - Rylan’s main gig is ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’, a live panel show which was once taken off-air because of a fight which saw one guest throw a chair and another throw a glass at someone.

If he can handle Janice Dickinson and Farrah Abraham, he can sure as hell deal with anyone in politics.

And let’s not forget, he’s already interviewed Hillary Clinton too:

Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

2. Jo Brand

Jo, like many of our other suggestions, takes no shit. Back in November, she was hosting ‘Have I Got News For You?’ when Ian Hislop laughed and declared that sexual harassment allegations coming out of Westminster “are not exactly high-level crime”.

You could practically feel Ian’s shame seeping out of the television as Jo rebuked him, explaining why the subject was nothing to laugh about.

And if being able to make a man in his late 50s squirm like a schoolboy being told off isn’t enough, then allow us to also point out that Jo is really bloody funny, which would hopefully put an end to panelists’ terrible attempts at witty retorts and one-liners.

3. Richard Madeley

In retrospect, Richard’s recent stint on ‘Good Morning Britain’ was an audition for the ‘Question Time’ hosting job and it brings us great delight to say that he passed with flying colours.

Richard’s decision to terminate an interview with defence secretary Gavin Williamson after he refused to answer a question sent a pretty clear message: The Madeley does not come to play.

This near-Draconian presenting style is something ‘Question Time’ could benefit from. OK, so there might be a few episodes that last just 15 minutes because Richard is fed up of the panelists’ non-answers, but that’s a small price to pay for having him back on our screens full-time.

4. Sharon Carpenter

Fronting live quiz show HQ Trivia has served Shazza well but, quite frankly, we think she’s about to outgrow the app-based game. Luckily, this ‘Question Time’ job has come up just in time. Phew!

HQ Trivia

Shazza could add her own touch to the BBC show by bringing over some the best HQ features, like shouting “SAVAGE QUESTION!!!!” when an audience member poses a seriously tough query.

The live HQ comments section could also make the move to the Beeb and sit on the right-hand side of the screen, giving the whole show a “music channel from the mid-noughties” vibe.

5. Richard Ayoade

Given that he took over from Richard O’Brien on ‘The Crystal Maze’, Ayoade knows a thing or two about having big shoes to fill… and keeping calm amidst high levels of organised chaos.

This is something he’s also familiar with, thanks to ‘The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’? No offence to Channel 4, but that programme is a mess and Ayoade always manages to survive it.

6. Hayley from ‘Love Island’

Last week, Hayley uttered a sentence that has earned her a place in the ITV2 history books and, we truly believe, could also result in the first ‘Question Time’ and ‘Love Island’ crossover.

The swimwear-clad contestants were chilling in the villa’s garden when the subject of Brexit - y’know, the same Brexit that has dominated the news for two years - came up.

It was at this point that Hayley said nine words that will never be forgotten: “So does that mean we won’t have any trees?”

Now Hayley, we love you, but you need a crash course in Brexit so get on the phone to the Beeb and Lock. This. Job. Down.

What better place to learn about British and European politics than ‘Question Time’? If the programme can educate its studio audience and viewers, why can’t it help out the host too?

7. Neville Southall

PA Archive/PA Images

In the past couple of years, the ex-Everton player has earned himself legions of new fans on Twitter, by using his account to learn more about topics including transgender issues and sex workers’ rights.

But his newfound status as everyone’s favourite “woke” former goalkeeper isn’t really a thing outside of Twitter. What Big Nev needs, is a new platform. One on television. Perhaps on Thursday nights, just after the news...

8. Janet Street-Porter

Ex-journalist JSP spends most afternoons on ‘Loose Women’ nowadays, but she’s got strong form when it comes to ‘Question Time’, having appeared on the show multiple times.

Not many people could pull off marrying themselves live at lunchtime and putting politicians in their place at the end of the evening, but Janet would make it look easy.

9. Stormzy

Rapper first, social commentator second, Stormzy forced Theresa May to make a statement on Grenfell at this year’s Brit Awards, after asking her - live on TV, in front of the nation’s watching eyes - where the money for the survivors had gone.

On a lighter note - unless you’re May, that is - he also labelled the prime minister a “paigon” during a slightly drunk speech at the GQ Men Of The Year bash, while Jeremy Corbyn stood awkwardly next to him.

Now the sentiment itself isn’t something we can comment on, but there’s something about the decisive way Stormzy says “paigon” that’s very satisfying - and we think it could inspire a new segment.

The BBC always do their best to be impartial, and Dimbleby would obviously never dream of hurling an insult at a guest, but if the rapper was host, they could introduce Paigon Of The Week.

Viewers could nominate their (least) favourite politicians and commentators and Stormz could have the final say, revealing the winner at the end of the show.

And while he’s there, he could perform a track too. It’d be like closing minutes of ‘The Andrew Marr Show’, but actually good (sorry, but it’s true. Those performances are awful).


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