Question Time Audience Member Admits He Is 'Embarrassed' To Have Voted Tory In The Past

He said the in-fighting and Liz Truss' disastrous premiership were among the reasons he wouldn't do it again.
The man made clear his disenchantment with the Conservative on Question Time.
The man made clear his disenchantment with the Conservative on Question Time.

A Question Time audience member has admitted is “embarrassed” to have voted Tory in the past because of the in-fighting and controversies which have hit the party in recent years.

The Scot also highlighted the disastrous premiership of Liz Truss as another reason why he could not back the Conservatives next time round.

However, he said the present Westminster voting system meant that supporting Labour in Kelso in the Scottish Borders - where the programme was recorded - at the next election would be a “wasted vote”.

He said: “My instinct was to vote Conservative and I voted Conservative at the last election, but I’m actually now quite embarrassed about it because of the behaviour of that party.

″It’s the whole carry on - the in-fighting, Liz Truss, it’s just an absolute joke now. They need to move on.”

But turning to who he might back at the next election, he said: “My instinct is to be a unionist, I voted to stay in the European Union, I voted to stay in the UK union and I would like to vote for Labour here in the next election.

″But I feel like by vote would be wasted because of the electoral system that we have in the UK, so I don’t know what to do with my vote.”

The Conservatives have been engulfed by plots and discord for years, burning through three different leaders in the past six years and Rishi Sunak also now facing speculation that he could be ousted before the next election.


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