17/04/2016 17:52 BST

Tory-Voting 'Question Time' Star Who Raged Against Tax Credits Cuts Joins Labour

Michelle Dorrell accuses Conservatives of "malice and contempt"

The Conservative-voting mother who electrified BBC’s Question Time when condemning tax credits cuts has joined the Labour Party.

Michelle Dorrell said she has become a member of Jeremy Corbyn's party in response to the "lies, deceit and substantial asset stripping of the UK" by the Government.

Dorrell, a single mum of four and self-employed beautician who runs a nail bar from her front room in Folkestone, went viral after yelling "shame on you!" at Cabinet minister Amber Rudd on the BBC's flagship political programme in October.

Michelle Dorrell became an internet star after her tearful Question Time rant

HuffPost UK revealed in January that Dorrell had joined Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell at a meeting of the left-wing campaign group Momentum.

Speaking after joining the Labour Party, she said: "I have made a decision to join the Labour Party. The lies, deceit and substantial asset stripping of the UK by those in power have confirmed to me that this is the right choice.

"There have always been people that believe they are entitled to act in ways no one in any progressive society should conduct themselves and this government, led by David Cameron, has not learned from the mistakes of the past.

The malice and contempt shown by this government in their attempts to undermine and oppress societies poorest and most vulnerable citizens is inexcusable.Michelle Dorrell

"No sane, logical or moral person within the UK in 2016, would ever want the conditions of inequality growing at such a pace as to break the back of society, with disastrous consequences for those with limited opportunities. The malice and contempt shown by this government in their attempts to undermine and oppress societies poorest and most vulnerable citizens is inexcusable. 

"But if someone has a passion to show the country a new political direction with the commitment to social justice and high standards that Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues represent, then now is the time to create some momentum to bring about change.”

On Question Time, Dorrell said:

"I voted for Conservatives originally, because I thought you were going to be the better chance for me and my children. You're about to cut tax credits after promising you wouldn’t.

"I work bloody hard for my money. To provide for my children to give them everything they've got - and you're going to take it away from me and them.

"I can hardly afford the rent I've got to pay, I can hardly afford the bills I've got to do, and you're going to take more than me."

As Rudd shifted with discomfort, the woman shouted: "shame on you."

In one of the biggest U-turns of this Parliament, Mr Osborne abandoned his plans following a House of Lords defeat.

McDonnell said: “After being let down by the Tories which resulted in her now famous outburst on Question Time, I met Michelle at a Momentum event in Thanet a few months ago when she was still deciding which political party to switch her support to.

“I’m very pleased to hear she has been inspired by the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn to join Labour Party and I hope she becomes an active member.”

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