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The Labour leader stopped short of endorsing 11 backbenchers who signed a Stop The War Coalition letter on Ukraine.
Sources close to Keir Starmer had said the former shadow chancellor could be kicked out of the party if he had shown up.
The former shadow chancellor is due to speak at the 'No War In Ukraine' event in London.
Leader urged to "take the gloves off" as MPs' frustration grows over his cautious approach.
Cross-party opposition includes 40 Conservatives and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader under pressure, but can his "partnership with business" avoid the tax/spend conundrum?
Former shadow chancellor wants ex-leader reinstated but accepts damage to Jewish community is “immense”.
Boris Johnson announced a second lockdown weeks after his own scientific advisers urged him to tighten restrictions.
Shadow ministers resign and Jeremy Corbyn was among the 34 Labour rebels to defy Keir Starmer.
Exclusive: Ex-shadow chancellor says there should be a free vote on laws that will allow undercover MI5 and police informants to commit crimes.