13 Thoughts Every Race Across The World Fan Has While Watching The Show

"My fave conversation is about how well different people I know would do."
The teams taking part in Race Across The World
The teams taking part in Race Across The World
Mackenzie Walker/BBC/Studio Lambert

To say the new series of Race Across The World was long-awaited would be putting it mildly.

Due to Covid travel restrictions putting the show on ice for the last three years, it is finally back and also winning a whole legion of new fans thanks to its move from BBC Two to BBC One.

This time around, the teams are racing across Canada, travelling over 16,000km across six time zones from Vancouver in the west, to the finish line in St John’s Newfoundland in the east coast.

With more than five million of us having already watched the first episode, there’s naturally more chatter on Twitter this series, too, where fans have had plenty of thoughts...

Long term fans know that people have been sleeping on this show

And for the newbies, the rules have been pretty simple to understand

We’ve all questioned the questionable strategy choices some of the teams have made so far

And lots of us reckon we could do better

Some of us, however, are much happier watching from the comfort of our sofas

One thing we’re all agreed on though is just how beautiful Canada is

Please can we have the distances in miles too, though?

Some are unhappy that the teams are only travelling across one country this series

But there’s a pretty simple explanation

Although the pedants among us so think the title of the show might need to change

There’s been plenty of nostalgia for the previous two seasons

In all, it’s a pretty perfect show

Although these people do make a very good point

Race Across The World airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One, with all previous episodes and series available on iPlayer.


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