Rachel Weisz Reveals Why She And Husband Daniel Craig Won't Share The Screen Again Any Time Soon

The couple, who have been married since 2011, previously appeared in Dream House together.
Daniel Craig and actress Rachel Weisz pictured in 2015
Daniel Craig and actress Rachel Weisz pictured in 2015
Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Rachel Weisz has revealed why she has no plans to share the screen with husband Daniel Craig again any time soon.

The Black Widow actor has been married to the former James Bond star since 2011, and both appeared in the film Dream House, as well as starring on stage together.

However, the couple now appreciate “going to work separately”, Rachel said in a new interview with Today.

“I think we aren’t going to [work together again], at the moment. I think we really love our private life as a life, as a family. And then we go to work separately,” she said.

“We really enjoyed that experience, but also it means we can alternate,” Rachel said of sharing childcare duties. “So I can stay home with the family while he works. We can swap out. If we’re both doing something at the same time, it’s probably less ideal.”

The couple are parents to a four-year-old daughter together, while Rachel has a teenage son Henry from a previous relationship, and Daniel also has a grown-up daughter, Ella.

The couple have been married since 2011
The couple have been married since 2011
Gonzalo Marroquin via Getty Images

In an interview with The Observer, Rachel also spoke of how she and Daniel maintain privacy in their relationship while being in the public eye.

“Celebrity – it really doesn’t mean anything to me,” she said.

“And it’s no work at all to keep not showing up at events. It’s no work at all, to keep a private life. Life can be demanding, life in a family can be complicated but I don’t even know what ‘celebrity’ means. I don’t think of myself like that.”

Acknowledging the “tremendous privilege that comes with” a film career, she continued: “I’m used to it now. Like, if someone recognises my husband, it’s just part of life — they’re normally really nice and go, ‘Best Bond ever!’ or whatever.

“It’s not in a place where it’s difficult, or oppressive,” she added.


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