13/04/2017 16:34 BST

Rare Kew Gardens 50p Coin Could Be Worth £100


After it was revealed that some new £1 coins could be worth far more, it’s now the humble 50p’s turn.

A new “Scarcity Index” has been launched so Brits can check how much their coins could be worth.

The index, created by Change Checker, combines information on mintage and collecting and swap data to rank different 50p pieces on how collectible - and therefore valuable the coins are.

At the top of the pile is a special edition Kew Gardens coin, of which only 210,000 were minted.

The coin can be found for between £50-100 on ebay, although some were perhaps slightly overly-optimistic...

Over £300 might be stretching it slightly

The next four rarest 50p coins are all London 2012 Olympic special editions, featuring football, triathlon, judo and wrestling.

The full list of top-rated coins is available here.

It was recently revealed that the new £1 coin, could also be worth a small fortune.

A tiny flaw in the coin could make it a rare valuable example, according to money experts.

And ‘trial’ coins, which are now selling on eBay, could become a significant investment for collectors.