8 Things You'll Only Know If You Don't Wax

I'm not making a statement.

It's summer time and finally the world is ready for exposed skin.

You've never seen the point in removing all your body hair only to have it all grow back again - in a patchy, itchy way - and you're happy to rock a bikini au natural anyway.

But already your friends are moaning about scheduling in an appointment to the salon or getting the razor out in the shower on a daily basis.

So when the New York Times reported this week that 62% of American women opt for full removal of pubic hair and a whopping 84% reported "some" grooming, it came as no surprise to you.

Yagi Studio via Getty Images

These high statistics now make you part of a small club of women, happy to rebel against the status quo and let that hair grow.

And there's definitely some things that you can only know when you are happy to embrace your natural state rather than being a slave to waxing.

1. Men aren't as bothered as everyone tells you they are going to be. Honestly.

2. But certain women may feel the need to question your womanhood. How do you even feel feminine?

3. Everyone thinks you are making a statement, when actually you're just fine with body hair.

4. Or compares you to Julia Roberts at that red carpet premiere.

Ian Waldie / Reuters

5. You save at least £30 a month and can afford to buy yourself a nice treat instead of paying to have your hair forcibly removed.

6. You are pretty happy not contracting Herpes for the sake of a bald...

7. Wearing a bikini is only as much of a problem as you make it.

8. Even if not everyone agrees.

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