14 Things You Only Know If You’re Obsessed With Cheese

Somebody buy us a wheel of cheese?

Cheese lovers of the world unite: your obsession for the melty, gooey, cheese-stuffed foods of the world knows no bounds.

You know that carbohydrates were made to be paired with cheese, and a block of stilton covers all the essential food groups.

And you feel sorry for people who will never know the pure unadulterated joy of a three-course cheese meal...

1. Your fridge always smells awful but it’s a small price to pay.

2. A wheel of cheese is a legitimate birthday present.

3. There is no other food so versatile; you really can eat it with anything (you’ve tried).

4. You would rather have a cheese and wine night, than go out.

5. You judge people who only eat mild cheddar.

6. You plan holidays around good destinations for cheese: Greece for feta, Italy for parmesan and basically all of France.

7. There is no such thing as too much cheese.

8. You have cheese-induced nightmares but this won’t stop you from cheesing the next day.

9. It is always good to have an emergency cheese stash.

10. A jacket potato without cheese is an abomination.

11. You know cheese can be a meal in itself.

12. When people describe Cheesestrings as cheese you cut them out of your life immediately.

13. Mould on cheese has never stopped you eating it.

14. You know cheese can cure anything from hangovers to heartbreak.

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