Rebecca Adlington And Mark Foster Joke About 'Flirting' On 'BBC Breakfast'

'Did you just put your hand on his leg?'

Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster have joked about the suggestion that they were “flirting” during their coverage of the 2016 Olympic games.

The two were met with accusations that their presenting style bordered on the flirtatious while they were co-hosting the BBC’s Olympics coverage, which they alluded to during Wednesday’s (17 August) ‘BBC Breakfast’.

After spotting that Rebecca hand reached out and touched Mark’s leg at the beginning of their joint interview, presenter Sally Nugent remarked: “Sorry, did you just touch his knee?”

<strong>Rebecca and Mark on 'BBC Breakfast'</strong>
Rebecca and Mark on 'BBC Breakfast'

Rebecca - who was spotted putting her hand on Mark’s leg under the table as they fronted the Olympics coverage last week - was then prompted to joke she “wasn’t allowed”, while Mark added: “She does that all the time.”

<strong>The pair laughed off their 'flirting'</strong>
The pair laughed off their 'flirting'

They previously made light of their close working relationship at the end of their time at the helm of the Olympics coverage, when Mark opened his shirt live on air to reveal a faux tattoo of Rebecca’s face.

However, Rebecca and Mark aren’t the only Olympics presenters to have got people talking for reasons other than their hosting skills.

Helen Skelton has become something of a surprise household name since this year’s games began, even making the front page of the Daily Mail for… wearing clothes.

Her husband has since mocked the furore surrounding her wardrobe choices, but her new-found popularity does have its plus points, as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ bosses are rumoured to be considering Helen as a last-minute addition to this year’s line-up.

Woman Wears Dress

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